we eat bubbles made of sunflowers

I hope this works out. Basically, nothing fills me with greater happiness and quiet lovely thoughts than fanfiction – stories that are written beautifully or with whimsy or angst or the kind of deep arousal that heightens and fills the senses. My obsessive personality makes me to powerfully fall in love with my OTPs and when I stumble upon authors who can write, about my OTPs – then it is just more than I can handle. And then all I want to do is talk about how much I love “this certain fic” but I have no one to talk to and I end up just repeating the same phrases in my head over and over again.

Maybe no one will listen here either but at least I will be getting out all of those tremulous, insistent thoughts and maybe some one will fumble their way into this blog and then these posts will not be such a waste of time after all.

I’ve also used this place to compile all of my favorite fics. It’s kind of pathetic but ok too, I suppose and I have so much Padfoot & Moony fics especially that it is just darned ridiculous. I will never be able to list them all.

Anyway! Here I will review my favorite fics and also rant about what I loathe about tendencies overwrought by fanfic writers or OOCs or AUs and whatever, I cannot help it.


Thank you for visiting. 🙂


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