they said you could build kingdoms from crushed sand castles

Sometimes I become utterly enamoured by an author’s use of words – the imagery they can create, the comfortable familiarity they seem to have with words, as if they are old friends and walk side by side, hand in hand. Sometimes I will read a single sentence and it is so breathtaking that I must read it again, and then I will hold my breath and play over those words in my mouth, allowing my tongue to shape and define them and marvel at how this author was able to weave them together so effortlessly.

Setissma (Wolfstar) is one such author for me. She creates these beautifully soft and quiet stories that are not so much plot-driven but more so a moment, or moments, that are humble and warm, like being curled up on a couch in a big blanket and a mug of tea held within curled fingers. When I read the simplicity and delicacy of her words, it makes me grow soft and quiet in my own head and I appreciate this calmness that her words invoke upon me.

But what really captivated me, what triggered me to write this post, was a line that I read by MariaDeLuca (Sterek), from her story Hardhearted, Don’t Worry (I’m Ready for a Fight). This whole story is so magnificent that I must dedicate an entire post to it. She writes sentences and analogies that leave me breathless and my senses full-blown because when I read her words I feel like I can touch and taste and breathe in everything that she writes.

This passage especially:

Stiles holds the bad at his ankles so when he walks he helps Derek walk a little easier. He holds the bad in his knees so when they bend and flex, the knotted tension in Derek’s back will slowly loosen. He locks it up inside his lungs so when he takes a deep breath and exhales, Derek feels a bit lighter and he breathes a little easier. He flattens it and pushes it under the skin behind his ears so that when Derek brushes his mouth along the spot in an attempt to comfort him, he helps heal his own wounds as well.

But it is the last line in particular that is so magnificent and sensitive to me. It is beautiful to me, the idea of Stiles physically gathering Derek’s pain with his fingers and flattening and smoothing them behind Stiles’ own ears, because he knows that Derek will kiss him there and more than wanting to take away Derek’s pain, he wants to heal Derek’s pain as well. And what better way to loose that pain than through self-healing.

It is so perfect and right. And I am so grateful to this author for being able to read such beautiful writing.


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