the clouds aren’t dancing in animal shapes today

I really loathe stumbling upon a rather beautiful fanfic only to realize that it is unfinished. And I realize that this is not something that I alone have experienced – many a post has been madeĀ consistingĀ of nothing but an endless lament over an unfinished fanfic.

But I always seem to stumble into these things without realizing it. I will go a good six to seven chapters and forget to see if this story actually has an ending; I am too caught up and before I realize it I am eagerly looking for the Next button only to met with the horror that there is not a next chapter.

And then. That dreaded moment when you look for the last published date…. and it is from a year ago. I think that is the worst feeling – not the fact the story is incomplete but the notion that, let us face the cold harsh truth: you are probably never going to know the end of this story.

Oh gosh, that sucks more than anything. Because as a writer, I understand that feeling of just losing interest in a story that you have spent multiple chapters on. Either the story line has lost its value or maybe the characters have drifted away from you – or perhaps you are already invested in another story and you think I’ll finish this once I am done with my other story and it never happens. And as the Reader, there is nothing you can do about it.

That feeling – that realization – sucks more than anything.