and when you laughed, daisies sprouted in your hair

This is about terms and phrases people use to describe… physical aspects of men.

When I was younger, my friend told me that that line of hair that runs from a man’s navel to his manbits was called “a happy trail.” I vehemently denied such terminology – more like the trail of doom because the things that go on down there were just gross to think of. I don’t particularly have a name for it now but that is hardly the point of this little post.

Anyway, as I have been reading an obscene amount of Sterek fanfiction as of late, I came across quite a bit of nonsense that was getting me all riled up for various reasons and then I came upon this little phrase to describe, that trail of hair:

“his treasure trail.”

His. Treasure. Trail.

And I am not quite sure but I just flailed about somewhat in because what the actual fuck. What does that even mean? Will I be finding TREASURE down there? Because I don’t think so. I am well aware of the the term “golden showers” but I seriously do not think that that phrase pertains to this. Treasure trail. I still cannot get over this. I get writers trying to come up with creative new ways of describing imagery but in no way will I ever be able accept that that line of hair is a treasure trail. I’m sorry.

And then I had to click out of the story because everything was just finished for me.